We are not alone

We, the human race are totally at the mercy of our Creator. During our recorded and unrecorded history, we developed, improved and arrived where we are now, in so called “Modern times”. We consider that our achievements are huge and that’s true, but still how small we are in comparison with the Universe ! We travel everywhere, in any part of the Planet ; we dive deep in all our oceans, we send rockets to Mars and some other destinations, still we are without real defensive power if a rock from the deep space hits us.  

We are looking for finding extra-terrestrial civilizations simply because we feel alone. But we are not alone and we never  have been. So, why it is so difficult to accept our given condition and wait for what is written to come ? I don’t mean that we have to adopt a passive position or to deny scientific discoveries, but in my opinion we should find our spiritual peace, our interior calm and harmony, because we were created to live in harmony with everything around us. 

Look what we’ve done to our Planet, look what we’ve done to our society ! The Earth is striving for its natural equilibrium and in so many countries the economic rupture it’s inevitable. Still, we consider that it is not our fault and in our arrogance we continue to poison our world, to change people’s minds, in short, we lost any sensible common sense. Ordinary people feel lost in the system and the Heads never look down. So, this is the happiness we are looking for it and this are our huge achievements ? 

Lately, a new side of science was created, called “Quantic physics”. The quantic physics brought the idea of a holographic world. In simple words, they believed that our world is an optical illusion, it’s a creation of our brain through optical impulses. Their theory is so stunning and complicated that you have to read it alone, but what is important in this theory is the scientific recognition and acceptance of a Creator, because if we are living in a program, then who is the designer of it ? In simple words, we return to the basic idea of having a Creator. Actually, it was said to us since very long time ago. 

Even Albert Einstein stated that our reality it’s an illusion and he believed in God “God does not play dice with the Universe”. In Koran there are verses in Surat al Hadid about our world that  was special designed for us and being, in fact,  just an illusion, like a game. The message is so clear, that is impossible to ignore it. And it’s an old message, long time before the Quantic Physics to be created.

So much evidence around us and still our eyes are blind ? If not : why then, this auto-destructive attitude ? Where exactly do we want to go and what to do “there”? To build an artificial intelligence, to create our own “illusion world”? To give up on this wonderful creation which is our world and be happy with an imperfect project ? The questions could be hundreds, the answer is only one : Accept your condition and live in harmony with yourself and GOD.   


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